SDG Exchange Rates

Exchange Rates for Sudanese Pound

Exchange Rates Table
SDG SDG 1USD USD 0.01808
SDG SDG 1EUR EUR 0.01632
SDG SDG 1JPY JPY 1.95307
SDG SDG 1GBP GBP 0.01456
SDG SDG 1AUD AUD 0.02947
SDG SDG 1CAD CAD 0.02543
SDG SDG 1CHF CHF 0.01730
SDG SDG 1CNY CNY 0.12833
Exchange Rates Table
USD USD 1SDG SDG 55.29738
EUR EUR 1SDG SDG 61.26285
JPY JPY 1SDG SDG 0.51202
GBP GBP 1SDG SDG 68.67022
AUD AUD 1SDG SDG 33.93710
CAD CAD 1SDG SDG 39.32608
CHF CHF 1SDG SDG 57.80611
CNY CNY 1SDG SDG 7.79231

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