KES Exchange Rates

Exchange Rates for Kenyan Shilling

Exchange Rates Table
KES KES 1USD USD 0.00685
KES KES 1EUR EUR 0.00647
KES KES 1JPY JPY 1.02287
KES KES 1GBP GBP 0.00561
KES KES 1AUD AUD 0.01065
KES KES 1CAD CAD 0.00931
KES KES 1CHF CHF 0.00627
KES KES 1CNY CNY 0.04995
Exchange Rates Table
USD USD 1KES KES 146.03505
EUR EUR 1KES KES 154.59922
JPY JPY 1KES KES 0.97764
GBP GBP 1KES KES 178.11889
AUD AUD 1KES KES 93.87071
CAD CAD 1KES KES 107.45377
CHF CHF 1KES KES 159.50474
CNY CNY 1KES KES 20.01905

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