KES Exchange Rates

Exchange Rates for Kenyan Shilling

Exchange Rates Table
KES KES 1USD USD 0.00921
KES KES 1EUR EUR 0.00774
KES KES 1JPY JPY 1.00964
KES KES 1GBP GBP 0.00660
KES KES 1AUD AUD 0.01250
KES KES 1CAD CAD 0.01146
KES KES 1CHF CHF 0.00834
KES KES 1CNY CNY 0.05950
Exchange Rates Table
USD USD 1KES KES 108.60030
EUR EUR 1KES KES 129.12851
JPY JPY 1KES KES 0.99045
GBP GBP 1KES KES 151.61393
AUD AUD 1KES KES 80.02056
CAD CAD 1KES KES 87.28552
CHF CHF 1KES KES 119.87714
CNY CNY 1KES KES 16.80702

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